Friday, August 31, 2018

Something new for the community

Our Time - Rushmoor Time Bank

A way for people to come together in help others, based on what once once called "being neighbourly". We are all so busy with life and families are these days more fragmented than they used to be. It is often difficult to know who to ask for help when something "simple" needs doing like changing a light bulb, mowing the lawn, painting the fence, getting to a medical apt...

The Timebank is a way of drawing communities together. Open to individuals and organisations alike, this scheme is open to all. The only currency involved is time and all time is equal. The Timebank is free to join and is a great way to meet people, learn new skills as well as offering and receiving help.

As an individual all you have to do is join the Timebank and then you are free to lodge requests for whatever you need help with as well as looking to see how you may like to assist others.For organisations, do you have a mini bus available for use, or a meeting room that could be utilised??

This brand new initiative for our area is an exciting opportunity and I am sure there will be plenty of good news stories to share as people start swapping time.

For more info please email